We want to thank you for your interest in Kelley's Estate Liquidators to help you through your estate sale liquidation process.

All of our sales begin with a FREE consultation to discuss your needs and the details of your sale. There are never any upfront costs.

The first thing we tell all of our prospective clients is........... Do your homework. Research different companies and how they operate. ( Click on our page for more information on Finding an Estate Sale company)

Generally, we coordinate a two - three-week process of preparation, advertising, and promotion. During this time our experienced staff cleans, categorizes, research, prices, and displays items in an organized way to maximize sales. Items benefitting from additional or specialized advertising will be given extra attention and may be advertised and sold early. This would include large furniture items or other higher end items.

Our sales are advertised through local newspapers, our website, online listings, estate sale websites, and street signage. Emails are also sent to our exclusive list of customers and include detailed maps and photos of your items. 

Then over the course of a weekend, we liquidate the entire contents of the residence at our on-site estate liquidation sale.

During sales, our knowledgeable and friendly staff will assist customers with any questions, help wrap, package and carry items. We accept cash or credit card payments and record all sales through a cash register, apart from items sold before the sale, then those items will be on your inventory report along with all items that are priced $20.00 or higher.     

Your inventory list of $20.00 or higher will show what the item price started at (fair market value) and what it sold for. This helps you and us to see what items sold for during your sale.

The exception to the $20.00 or higher inventory list price: Unless requested by you or the Court, in which case ALL items in the home are categorized. Due to the extra work involved, our fee would go from 40% to 45%

Once the sale has completed, We take care of any items remaining according to your wishes. Which can be donated to local charities of your choice for tax deductions. 

We will then leave your home completely emptied, broom swept and/or vacuumed.

Within 10 business days, you will receive a certified letter from us, containing our thank You letter, cash register receipt for the day(s) of your sale, your inventory report, a break down on your sale and a bank cashier's check.