We are looking for someone to BUY IT ALL!!! If you would like to make an offer on all these and more PLEASE contact us at 850-508-7352

We have over $31,000.00 worth of Ham radio items.  And that is not the retail value. That's liquidation price.

If items do not sell in bulk we will sell them each on August 26 at our up coming estate sale.

Below is a list of our starting off prices.

NOTE: These are not all the items. Some of these items are new and still in box.

Neil Pro 7 

Antenna Roter 

144 MHZ FM Transmitter

Kenwood TM-D 710 A 

Kenwood TM-742 A 

ICON IC-R8500 

FT-2500 M Transceiver 

Fluke 77 

Antenna Rotor 

Icom 144MHz FM Transceiver 

Ameritron Tuner 

Astron AMP power 

CDE Tran/receiver 



Sec 1223


Yaesu FT 1000

Palstar HF Auto Tuner 

Palstar HF Auto Tuner

Expert Linear Amplifier 

Alpha 4510 SWR Power Meter 

sadelcom FS-4VU 

antenna Motor Turner 

Ameritron Amplifier 

Alpha 9500 Linear 

YAESU Ham Radio 

Fluke 77 Multimeter 

Vibroplex telegraph 

Green Heron Rotator

Yaesu HF Transceiver FT 1000 

Micro Ham Radio 

Multi-media speaker 

H4-Gain controller plug

MFJ Analyzer 

HF + 6 Linear Amplifier 

samsung E2752S 

vintage antenna controller 

YAESU Ham Radio all mode Tranceiver 

NEC Monitor 

YAESU HF Transceiver

Alpha 2000 Dummy load 


YAESU Desktop 

digi Keyer II

Yaesu transceiver FT 9000D

Sharp clock 

Tower(s), cables, wires, atenas and more!