I recommend Kelley Estate Liquidatorsfor an estate sale. They recently did one for me. I had a four bedroom house full of 50 years accumulation. They were able to sell almost everything. A refrigerator, washer, dryer bedroom set, tvs, etc; a lot of etceters

Whitley p.


Dear Susan and Crystal,

I really enjoyed meeting you and your staff the other day. Please make sure I am on your email list. I never want to miss any of your sales. I had the best time and your prices are so great I was able to fill my store! Thanks again and I look forward to seeing you soon Sally

After the loss of a love one hiring someone to come into your home can be very stressful. My family is so grateful toKelley's Estate Liquidators. They really cared about what our family was going through. I can't thank them enough for the kind words and how they worked long hard hours.

If yor looking for someone that you can trust and will do a great job for you. I recommend Kelley's Estate 



After interviewing several Estate Companies I decided to go with Kelley's Esate Liquidators. I am still shocked and pleased with the sale. By that Saturday afternoon they had sold everything in my home and it was raining!



My husband and I want to tell you how much we enjoyed your estate sale in Chattahoochee. We loved your signs directing us to the estate. Just one question.....How far is almost there!!!

Stacy and Mark


To Everyone at Kelley's Estate

My Mother and I want to thank you for hosting such a great estate sale. It has been over a year since we attend any. Most just charge to much. Mom was so pleased with her purchases and that the young lady at the register took her time to wrap and bag the breakables was such a nice surprise. We look forward to many more of your sales.


Hi Crystal and Susan

I just want to tell you guys that I had the best time at your estate sale! All of your staff was so nice, and I love how you have people help loading large furniture. We were so suprised when all I had to do is give the young man the ticket and he loaded my new dresser onto my truck. i have never been to an estate sale that does that.


(This was an email sent to us from a past client)

Dear Susan and Crystal,

I want to thank you so very much for handling my mother's estate sale. I knew it wasn't going to be easy on her having to sell her things and move closer to us. The way you two handled the whole ordeal was amazing. I just can't thank you enough. Mom is settled in now and talks about you girls all the time. I am so grateful to you for letting mom help be apart of setting things up. She had the time of her life. You helped make the transition on her so much nicer, she felt like she wanted to move, not that she had to. I also want to thank you for being so very very honest! You know why we had to move her, I just did not know how bad it had become. I wanted to let you know that the money you found totaled a little over $60,000.00. That's a lot of money and I can't beleive my mom was just throwing it in that cabinet for all these years. Not many people would have turned that in. It's not everyday that you meet someone who is as honest as you two are. Thank you so much for all the help you did for my family. I will let everyone I know who needs an estate sale to call you guys.


It is hard to find words to explain how helpful Susan ans Crystal were in handling our father's estate Their knowledge and professionalism truly gave us the freedom we needed to deal with what had become a tremendous burden. It is an overwhelming undertaking to clean out a loved one's home and part with family heirlooms Having Susan, Crystal and their staff on site made a difficult, emotional time in our lives much less stressful. Their skill in setting up our father's home, pricing and arranging the vast array of items and working with all our family and neighbors turned a potentially nightmarish situation into something that was handled with professionlism, skill and great kindness. With time being short, the job was overwhelming, physically and emotionaaly Susan and Crystal gained out trust with their sensitivity to our situation and carring through the job with integrity and respect for our belongings. Having someone that you can trust is priceless.

We will always be gratful for the results and help that we received from Kelley's Estate Liquidators

Tricia W


Kelley Estate Liquidators has an awsome team of expert professionals. They were very helpful in explaining exactly what they do. how they organize, the documentation that they have on hand and all the answers to the questions my daughter and i had about this event. The best part of the whole event waswhen they left the premises on that final day, the house was swept, mopped, vacuumed throughout and not an item was left to ponder on whether to let it go or not. It took a ton of weight off my shoulders to start a new life elsewhere. I have recommended Kelly Estate Liquidators to many friends whoare having'change of life' scenarios happening and will continue to do so. I look forward to working with them again one day.



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Dear Susan and Alyshia,

Please share this on your website. I hope others will not make the same mistake we did.

I just wanted to share with everyone who may be looking for a company for your estate. To make a long story short. We needed an estate sale.  My husband and I went with ******* , because they were recommended by a good friend of mine. My husband wanted to hire Kelley's Estate but I went with the other company. They were horrible! We had to help move furniture and then they left us with a mess to clean up afterward. We left them a bad review hoping no other people would go through what we did. I recently went to an estate sale in Tallahassee, the estate belonged to a good friend of mine. She hired Kelley's Estate. I have to say I was so impressed by the way they ran the sale. First, off they staged everything so beautiful.  Then they had a full crew that helped us with questions and loading! The young girl named Alison was so very nice and courteous. I enjoyed talking to her. The entire crew was so pleasing.  A week later I asked ******** how everything went with the estate sale. She was so happy. She didn't have to do anything and she got her check so fast. They left the house very clean. It took me a month to receive mine and then I only got $1800.00 for an entire home and 2 huge outbuildings full of tools! I can promise you that in the future if I ever need to hire another company we will hire Kelley's Estate Liquidators.

Tallahassee, Fl